Opercolatrici capsule Firenze


Model RAV05 (NW) is a machine for dosing the powder and closing the bottles.
As an option, the machine can be equipped with a net weight control system (Net Weight) with automatic feedback.


RAV05(NW) is a powder filling and machine for macrodosing. 
A mechanical system lift each bottle up to effect the dosage directly inside the bottle neck. As option it can be supply a net weight system, checking each sample at 50 pcs/min, with automatic feedback. On request it is possible to mount a double capping system as rubber stop or dropper+cap

Main structure in aluminum shape, completely covered by stainless steel panels
Input and output conveyor belt driven by one motor: adjustable guides and structure in stainless steel 
Bottles positioning by high density POLYZENE star wheel. Container size up to  80 mm. H 240 mm.
Cab made with aluminum shape and tempered glasses or polycarbonate with mechanical safety switches
Electrical and logic controls located inside a stainless steel box, beside the machine.


Dosing head with auger tool, assembled on a column; up-down movement of whole device with the possibility of rotation for cleaning operations
Inox steel hopper with Ø140 mm. hole; calling product function and level control by capacitive sensor
Dosage control by 100 pulses/rev. encoder and Siemens quick counter modules
Optional Net-Weight System with automatic feedback, based on high speed load cells and Siemens Siwarex module: 100% controlled up to 50 bottles/min

Caps feeding device by vibration cup in stainless steel, Ø600 mm., with sound-dampening container
Caps positioning by mechanical or pneumatic device
Closing head for screw or aluminum caps, with adjustable rotation speed and magnetic clutch with torque selection
Two programmable speeds for approaching and closing in up/down movement.


Logic controls based on PLC Siemens S7 CPU 1200 with special modules for axis control, net weight system and quick counters.
Operational Panel Touch Screen Siemens SIMATIC with alarm list, setup function and sensitive areas.


Minimum load and maximum load of bottles (stand by)
Minimum load of caps (stand by)
Bottle presence in filling point (no dosing) 
Cap presence in closing point (stop)
Powder level in main funnel (calling product – stop after xx seconds)
N.2 load cells with capacity of 400 gr. (different on request) and accuracy of 4000 steps for the whole range, equal to 0.1 gr.
Check weight system by SIEMENS SIVAREX U with digital filters to compensate vibrations: each bottle is checked before filling and after filling and capping: net weight is calculated.
Autotuning feedback system to adjust the weight within the set range: two levels of control (EXAMPLE: from 0% to 1.5% OK , from 1.5% to 2.5% autotuning of dosing head, more than 2.5% discarding and autotuning of dosing head)
Electrical or pneumatic device for discarding out of range bottles
Each function controlled by Touch Screen Panel
Connection to serial printer for printout of report data

Technical features and performances

Nominal output:  Up to 50 pz./min.
Filling system direct, by auger
Product feed: controlled by vibrating sensor
Filling stations 1
Fill accuracy: 2% (adjustable with NET WEIGHT OPTION)
Fill adjustment electronic by panel
Hopper capacity 35 lt. or 50 lt.
Hopper material INOX AISI 316
Dosing system Brushless motor , encoder 8192 step/rev
Tools  mixers in funnel
Dosing range up to 1000 gr
Dosing speed  up to 1500 rev /min
Dosing adjustment programming number of pulses
Closing system n.1 head – variable speed
Compressed air 6 atm.
Electrics  380V 50Hz – (220V 60Hz)
Connecting load 6 KW
PLC  Siemens S7 CPU1200
Display  Siemens SIMATIC – Touch Screen
Sensors OMRON or Telemecanique
Dimensions 1480L (3 mt with conveyor) 1210W 2100H
Weight 1600 Kg (NW option 1800 Kg)