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Machine for applying and printing labels on cylindrical bottles (or compatible formats)


The LABEL01 labelling machine (01 single-head or 02 double-headed) represents a low-cost solution for applying self-adhesive labels on cylindrical bottles (or compatible formats)
It is a standalone machine, with conveyor belt for bottles and label application system (single or double) complete with counter-rotor for self-adhesive wrapping labels and forced dragging for double-sided labels, bottle presence photocell, notch reader and printing unit pressure (HOT PRINTING UNIT WITH OPTIONAL INK)
The machine can be supplied in HS version for high speeds (up to 70 pieces / minute)

General features: 

  • Bench in aluminum profile, covered with stainless steel panels
  • Conveyor belt for bottles with stainless steel structure, adjustable guides in stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Labeling head APPLY LABEL (single in the machine 01, double in the 02 machine can be mounted sideways or head) complete with stepping motor, fork photocell, detaching group, control electronics with microprocessor
  • Counter-rotating unit for wraparound labels with its own motorization
  • Printing unit according to request (impacted with a character-holder, inkjet or laser)
  • Control panel in stainless steel on the machine

Formats: bottles up to diam. 80 (different on request)
Label height: from 5 to 120 mm
Production: up to 70 pieces / min. (HS version only)
Motors: variable speed
Power supply: 220VAC + GND
Load: 0.75 KW
Dimensions: 2000x1000x1500H
Weight: 300Kg